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A Smattering Of Hi-Res Watercolor Textures

Who knows if five textures really qualifies as a "smattering", but here they are regardless. These are some that I created a good while ago, and I've been using them ever since... so I thought I would share my favorites. Paint textures are always fun, but what's especially cool about the watercolor stuff is that you get both the effect of the brush strokes along with the texture of the paper. Two textures in one is more fun. WAY more fun.



Old School Desktop Fun

So, every once in a while I get the itch to create a new desktop background, and lately I have been obsessed with reliving my childhood through video game desktops. Admittedly, I get a little carried away, but it's good, clean fun, so what's the harm? Anyway, here's my latest tribute, from one of the greatest video games of all time, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. It's 1920x1200 for all you HD lovers out there.

Click here to download the full resolution image


Hi-Res Plaster Stain Texture Extravaganza

Well, "extravaganza" might be an exaggeration since there are just 5 images here... but I absolutely love unique textures, so I thought it might be nice to toss a couple of them up here for everyone. These textures are water-stained plaster walls and ceilings that I photographed and they are absolutely awesome when you need a texture with some grit and subtlety. Download 'em and enjoy. If you want to give me a shout out, that's cool... but the textures are yours to take and run with either way. Use them for good... or evil.


Random Photos

I had two photos come up in conversations today, so I decided to post them.

First is a shot from the Las Vegas airport. I had flown in for a shoot and was waiting to meet up with some people flying in from LA, and surprise, their flights were late.

I had all this fun equipment with me though, so I pulled out my camera and started shooting. Part of me was a little worried that security was going to jump me at some point since I had these flight cases full of camera equipment that I was pulling stuff out of... but nothing happened. Would have made this a better story if it had though. Regardless, it was a cool experience, and a good reminder that it's always a great time to take pictures. Shots like this just reinforce the need I feel to take my camera with me EVERYWHERE. It's an obsession.

The upside is that I got this photo, which I really dig. I have no idea who that guy is, but he was about the only other person in the terminal at this hour. It was kinda early. In retrospect, I should have taken a nap or something, but that thought didn't really enter my mind until 6am the next morning when I was still awake, shooting the Las Vegas sunrise and only just starting to think about passing out.

The other picture from my library is a really simple shot of someone's garbage. I was home visiting the parents and taking a great small-town walk with my camera when I stumbled upon this pile of junk next to the street. There were rusty old metal toys, a lawn mower and several bikes mixed in there... and although I snapped numerous shots, this one has always done something for me. I can't pinpoint what it is, but I love it.

Maybe this just sums up the great vibe of going on a "photo walk"... something I recommend anyone with a camera try sometime. Myself and a friend grabbed our cameras and wandered without true purpose for around 3 hours, and aside from being a great way to unwind, we got some really cool photos for our personal libraries.

Since I'm a designer, I'm always thinking about stock photography when I'm snapping shots... not really selling it on iStockphoto or anything like that, but just building my own unique library. It allows me to offer clients artistic, original photos that they wouldn't get anywhere else... not to mention that I just find it to be a great hobby.


Now, With Tutorials

For anyone who has an interest, I've started a tutorial section where you can learn all about stuff. For now I'm starting out with Photoshop, but that could expand to other Creative Suite software, as well as possibly some video and audio production stuff down the road. Check it out... I'm calling it Tutorial City. There's a feed and everything, if you're so inclined to subscribe.

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