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Winter Texture Blowout

To celebrate the fact that winter approaches (at least it's supposed to be approaching, but those of us in St. Louis might not know it), I'm giving away some of my favorite textures. These are super easy to make yourself, just a fast shutter and a flash in a snowstorm and you're in business... but what's interesting to me is to experiment with the colors and textures going on around the snow. Enjoy these in high resolution... and try to keep warm... unless you're in St. Louis, in which case you might want to keep your shorts out of storage a little bit longer.


St. Louis College of Pharmacy

One of my last client projects with SteadyRain was this interactive Flash recruitment piece for the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. In previous years, they had been reusing the same basic piece and just updating the content, sometimes the color scheme, so this year they decided to revamp the whole thing and for me, the goal was simplification.

The final product is a clean, simple, easy to navigate walk through the College of Pharmacy, featuring lots of video and images to accompany the content. In addition to the top navigation, we also used 'next' and 'back' buttons to allow users the option of walking through page by page, or jumping directly to any section or page.

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I also created a custom soundtrack for this piece, and I thought it was worth sharing. This was sequenced and mixed entirely in Propellerhead Reason. I love Reason.


Artfix Is Coming...

Thursday night is Artfix 2010, and since I'm excited about it, I decided to show off the piece I created for the event. It's a digital collage called Orangefield Road. The final product is a 24" x 36" canvas, so it's a pretty bold piece to say the least. People will no longer wonder where you stand on the color magenta after you hang this sucker on your wall. 

If there's a good response, I may start offering prints like this one for sale... so drop me a line and let me know how you feel about that idea if you've got nothing better to do. See you at Artfix on Thursday!

Also, don't forget about my show on Friday at the Gramophone.


SteadyRain: More Than Just Web Design

To celebrate my last day as Creative Director at SteadyRain, I want to share the video I recently created to show the people and the place that is SteadyRain. I'm not going anywhere important, but I'm branching out to do some work on my own, and honestly to see what happens. It's a little scary, but it's even more exciting to be staring the unknown in the face.

This video celebrates everything I have come to know and love about this company and these people, plus I think it's a great piece regardless. I did all the dirty work on this one... concepting, shooting/directing, editing, music, etc... so it really feels like my baby.

Enjoy. Here's to taking a chance on creativity... and to the future.


Artfix 2010

Let me tell you about a great event that I'm participating in: Artfix. It's a great cause... but I'll let them explain:

WHAT: 4th Annual ArtFix Art Auction & Party 50+ gifts, 23 artists, 11 restaurants, live music and one great benefit party! Music by the Matt Rowland Band

WHEN: Thursday Night, November 04, 2010 | Cocktail Hour 6pm – 7pm | Food Begins 7pm – 10pm | RSVP at Facebook

WHERE: Dave Mungenast Lexus, 13700 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO. Map it/Get Directions.

HOW: Tickets for this event are now available online! Click HERE to get yours now! At the door, a $40 donation allows you to enjoy this fantastic evening with art, music, good food and friends!

WHY: To raise money for Rebuilding Together – St. Louis. All proceeds from the event and auction are put directly to use helping to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners in Saint Louis. More About the Event.

I donated a brand new print of mine called "Orangefield Road", a digital photo collage on canvas. I will toss a sneak peak at it up here sometime before the event.

Also participating are some good friends and fellow artists of note: Katie Roberds, Michael Forbis, and Sara Keller. That's not to say that everyone involved isn't great, because they're all of an incredibly high caliber, so not only is it a good cause, but it's a great showcase of some of the stellar talents that St. Louis has to offer.

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