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A Live Show Approaches

For the first time in at least a year (probably longer), I'm playing a show. You heard me right... it's time to get back into the swing of things. I've got a bunch of new material I've been working on for a while now and it's time to share. I'll also be having the honor of opening for my former bandmate, Mike Steimel, and his band... not to mention that DJ Lamartina will be keeping things going between sets. It will also be my first time at the Gramophone, so all-in-all, I'm really looking forward to the night.

You can buy advance tickets from the Gramophone website here:


Award-Winning Award Winners

I'm pleased to share that one of my portfolio pieces is the winner of two TAM awards at last night's ceremony... the Rohan Woods website (a project I directed at SteadyRain) brought a win for both the website and the video.

View in my portfolio here, or check out


Hi-Res Book Texture Stuff

I love textures... I can admit that. These, however, are a little off the beaten path. They're pages from some old books, and I think they're super cool. Not everyone will have a ton of uses for these, but I'm always finding excuses to toss them into a project somewhere. If nothing else, they're fun to look at... but if you are interested in using them, have at it.


Scoring Dealership The Series

During the recording of the Dealership soundtrack, I took some time to document my work on one of the episodes, The Lemon... and aside from being really ridiculous, there's a small sprinkling of actual information in there. It's not educational or anything, I can assure you... it was fun to document a little bit of my process though.


Prairie State Heartache

Here's a fun logo I created for a good friend's new band... ol' Jonny Cour, who I had played with in two previous bands, decided to start an alt-country band. Based in Springfield IL, they wanted to play into that "heart of the midwest" vibe, so I came up with something that feels half state fair and half old country. I also ended up creating a version with the outline of the state, which they had plans to print on the kick drum head as well as some shirts and or stickers.

It's always fun to work with Jon, and having grown up in Illinois, it was kinda fun to design something with the state in it.

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