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Heartgard Plus Presents: Battlin' Hooks & Rounds

This has got to be one of the most bizarre, fun projects I have been a part of in a long time. It's a little animated short I created with those crazy kids over at Brighton (near the end of this project, I joined their ranks... so it's a little crazier now).

See, there's this Heartgard Plus chew, and it's this magical little treat for dogs — it not only prevents heartworm when properly used, but it also prevents stuff like intestinal parasites... and in all honesty, that can be some pretty scary stuff if it's not prevented. The idea was to tell the story and get people to ask their vet for more info without terrifying them.

So, in the interest of making something accessible and easy to remember, I worked with the Brighton team to write a legal-friendly, yet catchy song (not an easy task) and then animated a nutty video to go along with it. It's probably easier to 'get' if you just watch the silly thing, so do that if you haven't already.

The characters even made it into a coloring book that vets will be giving out, so that's a pretty awesome side-accomplishment.